Snow Patrol, Final Straw, Fiction

Final Straw is the latest release from unplucked brit-pop gem Snow Patrol. They are not the household name that Coldplay are, but this does not mean they are any less talented. With their brand of warmly bittersweet brit-pop, they simply need to receive a little radio play, or have their single (more…) Read More

Godsmack, The Other Side, Republic, Universal

In an ironic twist, Godsmack, whose band name was rumored (but denied) to have come from the title of an Alice In Chains song (“God Smack”) off the AIC’s Dirt. Godsmack continue follow in AIC’s footsteps by releasing an entirely acoustic album, similar to the 1994 AIC EP Jar Of (more…) Read More

D12, D12 World, Shady Records

Westside Connection has Ice Cube, G-Unit has 50 Cent and D12 has Eminem, all three have high powered hip-hop ties, but then why does D12 come off as more of a novelty act? Maybe it’s because of their lead singles “Purple Pills” or “My Band” which by hip-hop standards are (more…) Read More

Joel Kroeker, Melodrama, True North

Hopefully Wil has a chance to listen to Joel Kroeker’s Melodrama, as this is how a debut album should sound. From the ironically titled lead track Endings, Melodrama sinks its hooks in deep and holds you there. Kroeker’s brand of melancholy pop-rock is similar to that of Sarah Harmer, (more…) Read More

Eric Clapton, Me and Mr Johnson, Warner

Anyone who has had a mentor knows the influential role they play in our lives and Eric Clapton is no different. Robert Johnson is the muse and mentor of Eric Clapton and in his latest album Me and Mr. Johnson,, Clapton pays tribute His respect for the work of Robert (more…) Read More

Weezer, Video Capture Device 1991-2002(DVD), DGC

This is ultimate wet dream for any hardcore Weezer fan. This DVD is completely jam-packed with everything that the ultimate Weezer fan could dream up (and more) is contained here in the Video Capture Device. Dating as far back as Weezer’s debut album (known as The Blue Album), videos (more…) Read More

Wil, Both Hands, EMI

You cannot deny the talent of Wil, as he is both a gifted songwriter and musician, but those elements alone do not make a hit album. Without the charisma or style to leave an impression on your audience, then your technical background means nothing. This is the case with (more…) Read More

Dilated Peoples, Neighborhood Watch, Capitol

Who exactly is watching this neighborhood? Dilated Peoples are apparently paying too much attention to the mainstream of hip hop, due to the fact that this album sounds like a sell-out in progress. The meaningful and interesting flow and lyrical content that helped establish Dilated People (their lyrical flow (more…) Read More

Lenny Kravtiz, Baptism, Virgin

When Lenny Kravitz covered “American Woman” (poorly I might add), he entered into a realm of cheese from which he never really emerged. From that point on, Mr. Kravitz has always lurked in the background, not really providing much reason to pay attention. Baptism (Lenny’s latest) is boring and bland, lacking (more…) Read More

Kelis, Tasty, Arista

Kelis may not be the name on everyone’s lips, like a Missy, Christina, or Jessica, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be. Her latest album Tasty is sweet as can be (a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s), not to mention sulty and provocative (see “In Public” or “Milkshake”). (more…) Read More