30 Day Song Challenge :: Day 4 :: A song that makes you Sad :: “How Do You Talk To an Angel” The Heights

While my choice of song my seem odd to some, but there’s a very real reason behind it. One day in October of 1992, the day started out well enough, headed into Halifax with a buddy to check out a film andhitup a record shop or two. I picked up a copyofthecassette single (yes, Cassette Single) that I was hunting for. Little did I know how prophetic the song title would be.

When I got back to my buddy’s place, my aunt and uncle arrived to pick me up (which I thought was odd) and took me over to my other Aunt’s place which is where things went south in a hurry. I could see the tears being shed all around, so I knew something was up. Then my mom took me into a room down the hall and broke the news to me that my father passed away a few hours earlier due to a massive heart attack. So there you have the explanation of why my choice of song is the one that makes me sad, but really who knew such a poor choice of song would have such a profound day attached to it, there’s really no accounting for taste eh?

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