Welcome to HAFILAX.COM

Initially when I sat out to create HAFILAX, it was a partnership with a classmate at McKenzie College to talk about music and upcoming concerts. The site has undergonemanyredesigns and for a while sat stale in the back of my head just waiting for a momentwhenIcould sit down and figure out a new way to reintroduce the site.

Since the inital concept was born, I’ve been writing for the coast as a freelance music critc and amassed a library of music and reviews which desperately needed a home (the reviews moreso than the CD’s). I thought why not start up the site as a blog that can have running conversations about music and maybe movies and games at some point too.For now I hope you enjoy the reviews and some of my recommendations, and look forward to reading your thoughts in the comment areas.Thanks,


About the author


A proud and over-caffeinated husband, father, runner and writer. I've written for the local weekly The Coast for over a decade and have since taken to creating and writing for HAFILAX for even longer. I hope you enjoy the musings of a guy who has loved music for the better part of 4 decades, and has an album of concert tickets to show for it.