30 Day Song Challenge — Day 1 (Favorite Song): Electric Avenue — Eddy Grant

Initially I thought this would be a hard question to answer, as my favorite song changes on an hourly basis and largely depends on my mood and whatactivityI’m doing at that moment. However as I really started to think about it, I kept coming back tothefirstalbum of real music that I bought and hands down it was Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue.

This song has sentimental value, so it was an easy choice for favorite song. No matter where I am, this song can bring a smile to my face. It was played to the point where all ink was worn off of the cassette and years later when I began collecting records, this was a necessity.I’m certainly shocked that Day 1 was as easy as it was, I doubt the remaining days will be this easy.

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A proud and over-caffeinated husband, father, runner and writer. I've written for the local weekly The Coast for over a decade and have since taken to creating and writing for HAFILAX for even longer. I hope you enjoy the musings of a guy who has loved music for the better part of 4 decades, and has an album of concert tickets to show for it.