Album Review // Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic – Self-Titled

It’s interesting how the local music scene can ebb and flow the way that it does, as there are times that certain acts can burst onto the scene, stake their claim and are ubiquitous for a stretch, only to then go dormant indefinitely.  Such is the case with Lindsay Misiner & the 7th Mystic,  a band that broke onto the scene back in 2015 seemingly out of necessity when Misiner recruited some fellow Music Arts students at NSCC to join her onstage at the Halifax Pride Festival.   It was from that performance that this group of musicians grew into a cohesive unit, and started writing a collection of originals to perform.    For a while, the band could be found playing in various rooms around town, but as quickly as they started, the band parted ways in 2017 when Lindsay moved to Upper Canada, seemingly leaving the 7th Mystic dashed on the rocks of the local music scene like many before them.

Misiner returns to Halifax, and re-assembles the 7th Mystic.

After a number of years away, Misiner felt the pull of the East Coast and made her way back.   Once settled, she set to work on mending the relationships with her former bandmates, and slowly began to rebuild the dashed 7th Mystic.   Much to their collective benefit, all 9 members opted to return to the fold.  Misiner and the 7th Mystic promptly got to work on regaining their ubiquity, having even taken to the Halifax Jazz Festival stage back in 2021.    Fast forward to 2023, the band has cracked open the time capsule of 2015 and resurrected the early Lindsay Misiner and the 7th Mystic songs to include on the band’s debut full-length album.

Considering that Misiner herself is only 26 years old, a lot of growth can occur since the pen was put to paper when she was only 19, an age when many of us are champions of bad decisions and little else.    Lindsay is quite outspoken about the fact that these songs were written while under the influence of drugs, and now she has the perspective of having gotten sober (for 7 years now), so this collection of songs is a celebration of that journey.

Live Off of the Floor

Over two days, the band worked alongside Franc Lopes (studio engineer) at Ocean Floor Studios to capture the nine-piece band’s sound straight from the studio floor, and everything you hear on the record was recorded live aside from the horns.  It was an homage to the old-school way of recording albums back in the ’60s and ’70s.

The first thing you will notice the moment you press play is the fact that Misiner’s voice belies her 26 years of age,  carrying the grit and depth of someone more than twice her age.   Her ability to navigate between R&B, Jazz and Soul is impressive and immediately transports you to a smokey, poorly lit blues bar.  I for one will be making it a point to catch the band at the upcoming ECMA showcases, as I fully expect that it will exceed this impressive recording.

There are points on the record when I can hear moments that remind me of Macy Gray, and other moments when I hear elements of Brittany Howard within Lindsay’s range.   The album closer “Drastic” is a fantastic entry point for the album.  It does a great job of introducing the band to the uninitiated, but I think “Wise Man” might be the show-stopper on this album as it tautly bubbles along, allowing Misiner’s vocal to float out front while the track simmers along, then the vocals drop out and provides a showcase for the horns.

Growth Affords Perspective

These gorgeous RNB-infused soul tunes may have been written 7 years ago, but out of that pain and turmoil has emerged a glorious catharsis, that can be enjoyed from the perch of perspective.    This is an exciting moment, as I can assure you that you’ll be hearing a lot more from Lindsay Misiner & The 7th Mystic in the coming weeks and months.


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