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Recommended Listening

Tinie Tempah, Disc-overy, Capitol, EMI

It’s odd to talk about an artist that the WWE is responsible for breaking, but that’s the case with Tinie Tempah. TheUK rapper’s single “Written in the Stars” was selected as the theme song for Wrestlemania XXVII, but is actually the third single from his album Disc-overy. Tinie’s fusion of Electro-Hop (more…)Read More

AWOLNATION, Megalith Symphony, Red Bull Records

The lead single “Sail” from AWOLNATION’s full length debut is about as misleading as it could be, as it is atrack brimming with angst and atmosphere that really don’t appear elsewhere on the disc. While the album opens with a pair of intro pieces that give a concept album impression, but (more…)Read More

City & Colour, Little Hell, Dine Alone

<img class="alignright" border="0" src=""><imgsrc=""width="1"height="1"border="0"alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />Dallas Green has never sounded as warm as he does on his latest album Little Hell. Where Bring Me Your Love was cold and sparse, Little Hell’s 11 tracks are lush and the tone is much warmer here, but this is not to (more…)Read More

Manchester Orchestra, Simple Math, Sony Music

Manchester Orchestra’s latest album Simple Math is not one that is instantly accessible. This is an album that requires afew spins to truly appreciate the nuances. Upon wading into the disc, tracks such as “Pensacola” and lead-single “April Fools”will appear to be the sore thumbs (more…)Read More

Quake, The Myth, IV League, Indie

With the current wave of hip-hop that has been oozing up from the new generation of rappers, it’s refreshing to see an emcee who hasn’t reached the age of 25 drop an album such as The Myth. It’s as much a throwback as it is a contemporary release. Quake (more…)Read More

Welcome to HAFILAX.COM

Initially when I sat out to create HAFILAX, it was a partnership with a classmate at McKenzie College to talk about music and upcoming concerts. The site has undergonemanyredesigns and for a while sat stale in the back of my head just waiting for a momentwhenIcould sit down and figure out (more…)Read More

Childish Gambino EP

Fans of Community will recognize Childish Gambino as Troy (hetero life-mate to Danni Pudi's lovable Abed). While this could easily be discountedasa novelty effort, it's safe to say it's anything but! Donald Glover manages to channel two of the biggestnamesonCash Money records (no, I'm not talking about Nicki Minaj either), simply (more…)Read More

Current Addictions

Thus far, all I've posted are old reviews that I was looking to share electronically. You'll notice that I listen too allsortsof music, so I thought that I would share some tunes I've currently found myself addicted to: Brett Dennen - "Sydney (I'llComeRunning)"-- This is the lead single from Dennen's forthcoming (more…)Read More