Out Of Your Mouth, Draghdad, Vik/BMG

Did anyone else think rap-metal was dead? Even Fred Durst received the memo (thank-god!), but apparently the boys in Out Of Your Mouth were absent that day. Their debut album Draghdad is a throwback to Durst and co.’s reign atop the charts. Sadly the only shining moment on (more…) Read More

Powderfinger, Vulture Street, Polydor

Vulture Street is Powderfinger’s 5th full-length album, in addition to a handful of EP’s. Unfortunately, North American audiences have been unreceptive to the charm of this Aussie five-piece rock band. Powderfinger have a more refined blues-rock sound as compared to the gruffly bombast sound of fellow Aussie’s Jet. Vulture (more…) Read More

Various Artists, The Punisher OST, Wind-Up Records

The Punisher was never a mainstream hero like Spider-Man or the Incredible Hulk, but he was the lesser-known vigilante cousin. When he got the big-screen call, the Punisher soundtrack was a forgone conclusion, line up a couple marquee hard-rock bands (Nickelback, Queens of The Stone Age, and a reformed Drowning (more…) Read More

Jacksoul, Resurrected, Vik

In the wee hours, a cabbie told his fares “He Calls Himself Jacksoul”, when questioned about the Motown-esque music coming from the cabbies’ stereo. Jacksoul came and went a few years ago with a sophomore release entitled Sleepless, nothing special, just another album in the gamut of pop/r&b releases. (more…) Read More

Social Code, A Year At The Movies, Interscope

Social Code isn’t going to win any awards with their sophomore album A Year At The Movies, as it’s a melodic angst filled record, which will appeal to the legions of hoodie-clad kids out there. Think of a more emo directed Puddle of Mudd, or a more pop-punk version of Three (more…) Read More

Kayne West, The College Dropout, Roc-A-Fella

Kayne West’s highly anticipated debut album The College Dropout, has just dropped. It Boasts an impressive line-up of guests, including Ludacris, Mos Def and Jay-Z, who more than make up for the average MC abilities of Mr. Kayne West. Regardles, it’s the production on The College Dropout that will be (more…) Read More

Junior Jack, TrustIt, Noise, Pias Recording

By the time Junior Jack’s album hits track four, you’re going to be hooked. Not a household name by any means, but on the electronic dance scene, his debut album Trust It is making waves. Junior Jack’s ability to let the beat slowly build (be it volume or clarity) (more…) Read More

JC Chasez, Schizophrenic, Jive Records

JC Chasez’s Schizophrenic is nothing like the Pharrell infused JT debut, or the boy-band sound of N’Sync. There are moments that harken back to the dark days of N’Sync “If You Were My Girl”, but JC makes up for that with a couple tracks that are sure to tear up (more…) Read More

Jay-Z, The Black Album, Roc-a-Fella/Def Jam

Jay-Z was once considered to be the crown prince to the throne of Biggie Smalls, (which is one massive void to fill). If anything, Jay-Z just wasn’t infamous enough to assume the throne, and due to his Roc-A-Fella label taking off, Jay-Z is stepping down to focus on his growing (more…) Read More

The Icarus Line, Penance Soiree, V2

If you’ve ever wondered how to snarl properly, look no further than The Icarus Line’s Penance Soiree. After cutting their teeth with a handful of EP’s, Penance Soiree marks Icarus Line’s first full-length release. Their relentless snarling hardcore sound is what you would get if you took Marilyn Manson, (more…) Read More