30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 18 :: A Song You Wish You Heard on The Radio :: “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I Moved Your Chair” — Arctic Monkeys

For me this is an odd question, as I don’t tend to listen to local radio much anymore. If I’m not listening to something on the iPod, I’m listening to satellite radio.Howeverin the interest in integrity, I’m going to say I wish I heard the new ArcticMonkey’strackon the radio. Now that we have a rock radio station (Q104 is an oldies station at it’s core), Live 105 should be playing this track as it is a solid rock track from a band that keeps cranking out great music. This track is thick and chock full of crunchy guitars and is a great fusion of the Josh Homme direction of their last disc and their earlier records. As some have likened to calling them the Arctic Donkeys (yes Mary, I’m looking at you), the Arctic Monkeys continue to show that the early hype that was heaped upon them was not undeserved.

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