EVOLVE 2014 – East Coast Line-up & Festival Schedule!

This year’s biggest summer party is literally two days away. Yes, you heard me right, no time to mark that down on your calender, it’s time for you to pack up your gear up, and get ready for 3 days of awesome music, and celebration. Evolve festival is host to a diverse range of artists, and local talent from the east coast.

You’ll usually find that each year’s line-up is overshadowed by electronic, DJ’ing and hip-hop artists year-in, and year-out. But take a closer look, and you’ll find that there’s been quite of bit of artists in the rock genre that have came out into the forefront at the festival. Namely artists like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Trews, Paper Lions, Wintersleep, The Sheepdogs who have played at Evolve, during it’s past recent years.

The artists that I’m about to mention, that will be playing at Evolve this weekend are well establish, and some are up-and-coming in the East Coast music scene. For some of you party goers, that are out for a good time, and would like to expand their music horizon, here’s some artists to put on your radar…

Hey Rosetta!, “Bandages”

Evolve has always been host for some amazing indie rock bands, and Hey Rosetta! are no exception. These guys have been regulars at the festival, and as of late have been getting great reviews for their live performances. I recently just seen them play a couple weeks ago, and have been blown away. I hope your experience seeing them at Evolve is much like mine.

Slowcoaster, “Is This Stuff Working”

From the uplifting Raggae beats these boys be playing, to some intimate acoustic sets. In my opinion, they capture the feeling of what Evolve is all about. You maybe dancing in the crowd or rolled up in your blanket by your tent, listening as they strum their guitar. Either way, it’s gonna be magical.

The Jimmy Swift Band, “The 80’s Runway Model”


This is a must see show. Why you ask? Cause this is their last date on their on Reunion & Farewell Tour. That means, this might be their last show for good. Luckily for you, going to Evolve, you’ll be able to catch them live. I’m sure this show is going to go out with one awesome jam session.

Carmen Townsend, “Open Sea”

Evolve as always added a hard-rock act for good measure. For all you music goers with glow sticks in your hands waving in the air, you might want to put those in your pocket, cause Carmen Townsend will blow you away.

Skratch Bastid, “Long Train Runnin”

Hey, you didn’t think I get off easy, by just showing all rock artists did you? Well, I’m gonna switch it up, and give you some Skratch Bastid. The last time I checked out one of his show was back in the Spring, that dude can mix any of the classics, and make them sound so good.

That about wraps up my east coast preview for Evolve. There are many acts that I’m looking forward at checking out this year, including Peaches, BADBADNOTGOOD, reminiscing my childhood with Fred Penner, Willie Stratton, Molly Thomason, and many others. This one experience that is gonna be fun. And also to expand my own musical horizon.

For some of our recent previews on the Evolve festival check out my earlier post here. and Jeff’s Summer Music Festival Preview part 1, here.

For more information about Evolve including location, and ticket information, check out the website, http://www.evolvefestival.com/
The schedule is also officially up!

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