Hafilax Does HPX 2013: Day #4 Preview

2013-hpx-festival-announcement-011Hands down, my favorite day of the festival. Friday has a lot to offer with just so much happening at once. There is not one show I’m just gonna stick around to, I’m gonna be hitting every show. Starting the night off with Broken Deer & Braids @ St. Matthew’s Church, these are too bands that have a very atmospheric sound. With alot of reverb inside a church, the sound is gonna be amazing, well actually, magical is probably the best word to describe it. I don’t want to jinx this show by saying anything in cause and effect, but I highly recommend going to this one.

After the previous show, head over to the Harbourfront Lounge at Casino Nova Scotia, there’s a good variety of different music genres happening, showcasing some awesome artists that are breaking out of Halifax right now. Presented by Music Nova Scotia, we have Bloody Diamonds, with some really hard blues-rock music, & crunchy guitars. Their music feels dark, and the vocals are pretty intense. The next band you’ll get to check out are This Sound Will Save You, who recently released a full LP, “Let The Night Lead You”, they play catchy electro-pop. A difference in style from the previous band. And like I said before, there’s a little something for everyone happening at this venue. Than you’ll be getting into the soulful vocals of Jessie Brown, of course her and the band will rock your socks off. Their music is powerful, and bluesy. And finally, closing the show off will be Halifax’s premiere live hip-hop act, The Caravan.

Of course, day #4 still has a lot more music to offer, check out these artists/bands that will also be playing at Halifax Pop Explosion, Friday night…

Metz, “Wet Blanket”
Where @: Reflections Cabaret, 11:00 PM

Just heard of this band a few months back, and ever since they’ve been the most played band on my music player. The energy this band possess is insane. Their music is hard & heavy, and when you are listening to them, you have this feeling of absolute destruction, fuck yeah!

No Joy, “Lunar Phobia”
Where @: Michael’s Bar & Grill, 1:00 AM

This video is like taking the Rorschach Test on drugs. On one hand, I’m listening to a psychedelic version of The Smith’s “How Soon Is Now?”, and on the other I’m listening to a throw back on 90’s industrial rock. The video is trippy, the song is great, and you gotta go out there and see this band.

This Ship, “What’s Left To Burn To The Ground”
Where @: The Seahorse Tavern, 10:00 PM

This Ship has a presence when they perform on stage. You see, while most bands will go stage and just stand there, This Ship will give you a show. They’re energetic, and with their charm, they bring fans to the front of the stage. Their brand of indie rock is worth tuning in to.

Jessie Brown, “Ten Paces”
Where @: Casino Nova Scotia – Harbourfront Lounge, 11:00 PM

This is the new single by Jessie Brown, hot off the press. When I first heard the intro to this song, I was thinking along the lines of “Paint It Black”, or “Stairway To Heaven”, but when the song picks up, it’s simply soul for the ears. From start to finish this a great song.

Braids, “In Kind”
Where @: St. Matthew’s United Church, 9:00 PM

They have just released their newest LP, “Flourish/Perish”. The albums been getting quite a bit of spins on my music player as well in the last few months. The vocals on particular track are quite amazing, as the song’s rhythm just pulls you in.

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