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Jeff’s Top 8 of 2013

With more misses than hits, 2013 wasn’t the best of years for music but it also wasn’t the worst. As per usual there were albums which were supposed to be massive hits (Britney, Miley and Gaga) and some which fell just a tad short (Bowie, Daft Punk and JT) but no matter if you agree… Read More

Hafilax Does HPX 2013: Day #4 Preview

Hands down, my favorite day of the festival. Friday has a lot to offer with just so much happening at once. There is not one show I'm just gonna stick around to, I'm gonna be hitting every show. Starting the night off with Broken Deer & Braids @ St. Matthew's Church, these are too bands… Read More

Live Review: Michaels Bar & Grill, Oct. 4th, 2013

Another night of live music in the books and another review filled with both good and not so great (There was really nothing bad about the show....just a few not so great moments). I arrived late and missed out on seeing Dave Fultz.  I've only heard good things about his past performances and from what… Read More

The Road To Indie Week: Week 1

September has rolled around once again, which means we can expect a dip in temperatures, leaves changing colours, the announcement of the Halifax Explosion lineup (I'll probably mention the HPX in each article from now until it begins...what can I say....it's a good time) and in its second year, The Road To Indie Week. Hosted… Read More