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Justin’s Top Albums Of 2016

Before I begin my rant, I gotta say that 2016 was a year that totally blew me away for music, and not just music across Canada, but music that came out of my hometown in Halifax. Wintersleep, Kestrels, Adam Baldwin, Like A Motorcycle, Hello Delaware, just to name a few artists that had a stellar… Read More

Justin’s Playlist

Hey, I just want to shout out to 2/3rd of our trio, Trevor & Jeff, the guys who pioneered Hafilax to what it is today, and the new member to the Hafilax crew, Juliet, who's bringing some fresh new content to the site. It's awesome to see how it continues to grow strong, throughout the… Read More

Justin’s Top Albums Of 2015

Hey fellow readers and music listeners! It's that time of the year again, and I'm back to give you my top album list of 2015. After spending much of the early part of this year travelling, and being tied-up with school for much of the later part, it hasn't been easy to dig deep into… Read More

One Track: Braids, “Deep Running”

Here's the latest track from the atmospheric indie-rock band, Braids. It has this really groovy reggae, summer beat to the song, and also has this familiar feel that is reminiscent of their last album, Flourish // Perish, that was just released last year. It kinda makes me wonder if this was a song that they… Read More

Jeff’s Top 8 of 2013

With more misses than hits, 2013 wasn’t the best of years for music but it also wasn’t the worst. As per usual there were albums which were supposed to be massive hits (Britney, Miley and Gaga) and some which fell just a tad short (Bowie, Daft Punk and JT) but no matter if you agree… Read More

Hafilax Does HPX 2013: Day #4 Preview

Hands down, my favorite day of the festival. Friday has a lot to offer with just so much happening at once. There is not one show I'm just gonna stick around to, I'm gonna be hitting every show. Starting the night off with Broken Deer & Braids @ St. Matthew's Church, these are too bands… Read More