Friday Night Soundtrack – Oct. 25th, 2013

Even though we’re in full swing with the Halifax Pop Explosion there is always time for the FNS.  Were going to keep things quick and short this week (soooo much other stuff going with the HPX).

So I was at a live show the other night and in between sets I heard a song that the soundman had pumping out of the speakers.  With a quick push of a button (thank you Shazamm) I was able to discover that it was none other than David Bowie.  That got me digging into his backlog and what a great idea it was to throw this on.  This weeks edition of the FNS is the Bowie edition.  The following five songs are Bowie jams that I’ve never heard and absolutely dig (well four of them anyway…the fifth is just a fantastic track)


1 – The Wedding (Black Tie White Noise, 1993)

2 – Set The World On Fire (You Will) – (The Next Day, 2013)

3 – Golden Years – (Station to Station, 1975)

4 – Ashes to Ashes – (Scary Monsters, 1979)

5 – China Girl – (Lets Dance, 1983)

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