Collectable Delectables: July 1, 2015

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HAPPY CANADA DAY! Today’s Collectable Delectables are going to be my favourite Nightshade Free Canada-Themed classics so that you, too, can enjoy the taste of the Great White North on its 148th birthday!

1) How could we not start with Maple Butter? Made from sticky sweet maple syrup and stirred into a delicious spread, this Pure Maple Butter recipe from Oh She Glows is perfection!

2) This mouthwatering recipe for Edison’s Famous Newfy Moose Burger from Ontario Out of Doors. Seriously delicious.

3) No walk on the Halifax Waterfront (or Rideau Canal) is complete without one of these in hand: a delicious Beavertail (from! No, these aren’t made from a beaver. They’re a delicious flattened doughnut-like pastry that you can top with pretty much whatever you want.

4) A variation of these Nanaimo Bars from I Wash You Dry are named after a city in British Columbia and they are at EVERY. SINGLE. BAKE SALE I have ever been to! And thank goodness, because they are delicious!

5) A savoury meat pie straight from French Canada, Tourtiere is a hearty dish usually served on Reveillon (Christmas Eve!). This recipe from Canadian Living magazine uses summer savoury and cloves.

Don’t worry, I am in the process of developing a nightshade free poutine recipe. One of the most famous Canadian foods will not be left out in the cold!

See you next week for more delicious links!

– Cristina

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