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Frangipane and Pear Galette

Light, flaky pastry, pears and almond cream make the perfect Frangipane and Pear Galette from I Say Nomato
Light, flaky pastry slathered with almond cream and topped with local Bosc pears to create this amazing Frangipane and Pear Galette. Ah, pastry, we meet again. Welcome to Beyond the Thunderdough! Two shall enter. One shall leave. (I’m also partial to Revenge of the Sift. I could make these puns all day.) Pastry dough is my… Read More

Collectable Delectables: July 1, 2015

  HAPPY CANADA DAY! Today's Collectable Delectables are going to be my favourite Nightshade Free Canada-Themed classics so that you, too, can enjoy the taste of the Great White North on its 148th birthday! 1) How could we not start with Maple Butter? Made from sticky sweet maple syrup and stirred into a delicious spread,… Read More