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Soy Maple Chicken

Let's get something straight: Canadians do not say ‘aboot’. There, I said it. First sentence sounds all controversial, that’ll get ‘em riled up. I have never met a single Canadian who says ‘aboot’. The media has been lying to you. We DO say ‘aboat’. Like, I gotta see a guy about a boat. Sound the same. We… Read More

Collectable Delectables: July 1, 2015

  HAPPY CANADA DAY! Today's Collectable Delectables are going to be my favourite Nightshade Free Canada-Themed classics so that you, too, can enjoy the taste of the Great White North on its 148th birthday! 1) How could we not start with Maple Butter? Made from sticky sweet maple syrup and stirred into a delicious spread,… Read More