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One Track: Rich Aucoin, “Yelling In Sleep”

Just thought I'd throw some more love towards the Rich Aucoin camp, and in support of his upcoming album, "Ephemeral". This is the latest track, it's called "Yelling In Sleep", and I'll have to admit, it's pretty bad ass. The song opens with some distorted like bass, and just charges into the chorus like some… Read More

One Track: MGMT, “Your Life Is A Lie”

http://youtu.be/Cye-1RP5jso If there's one band that has been on everyone's radar, it's MGMT. After the popular "Oracular Spectacular!, spawning such hits as "Electric Feel", "Kids", "Time To Pretend", everyone's looking for the next new hit. But after the underwhelming release of "Congratulations", expectations don't seem so high, but there's always room surprise, this is MGMT… Read More

One Track: Paper Lions, “My Friend”

I'm actually excited for the release of Paper Lion's latest album, My Friends, which gets it's official release August 20th. After listening their earlier teaser, "Philadelphia", back in May, the Paper Lions drop us what appears to be their official first single off the album, "My Friend". It's getting quite a bit of airplay on… Read More

One Track: Wintersleep, “In Came The Flood”

Who here is excited to be seeing Wintersleep play at the newly opening Marquee Ballroom this weekend, raise your hands? *!*!*!* Just before heading out on tour in Europe to support their most recent album, Hello Hum, the boys are letting Halifax know they that our still loyal to their fans at home. And you… Read More