One Track: MGMT, “Your Life Is A Lie”

If there’s one band that has been on everyone’s radar, it’s MGMT. After the popular “Oracular Spectacular!, spawning such hits as “Electric Feel”, “Kids”, “Time To Pretend”, everyone’s looking for the next new hit. But after the underwhelming release of “Congratulations”, expectations don’t seem so high, but there’s always room surprise, this is MGMT were talking about.

The video for their new track, “Your Life Is A Lie” is very hipster-ish, you can say it’s like diving into the deep salt water oceans of hipsterantica. Taking some cues off of Battles’ “Ice Cream & El Guincho’s “Bombay” for the music video direction, it features a lot of random stuff. Smashing eggs, check; ugly looking wives, check; kicking the bucket, check.

The song itself is quick to the point, and absurd, so if there’s definitely something to shake up the music business it’s this song. Is it catchy? Yes, but check out the tune for yourself, and I recommend holding off when pressing the repeating button, cause a second play through might result in taking your head, and smashing it through the wall. Just saying…

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