Brite Vu, Restarted, Indie, Local

Fans of the Halifax Mooseheads will already be familiar with Brite Vu’s material, as “Electric Avenue” and “One Foot” have beenfeatured in Eastlink’s promos during their recent playoff run. Both tracks appear on Restarted (the second full-length release from Halifax based Brite Vu). Fans of bands such as (more…) Read More

Ryan Adams, Ashes and Fire, Capitol, Pax Am

Reclusive, enigmatic, talented are all words that can be used to describe Ryan Adams, an artist who seems to be forgedfromthe same mold as Neil Young. Ryan Adams bears an artistic integrity not found on many albums, his my way or the highway mentalitymaynotgarner him the adulation of the masses, (more…) Read More

Best of 2011

Childish Gambino, EP, Indie Five free ferocious tracks from an Emmy-winner was all it took to put the hip-hop scene on notice, this untitled EP was easily the hardest hitting hip-hop album of 2011.   Childish Gambino,Camp,Glassnote Handsdownthisis one of the best debut albums in hip-hop, period. Honest and unpretentious, Camp simply hones the (more…) Read More

Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto, EMI

Coldplay is a band that manages to draw the ire of their critics no matter what direction they go. Chris Martin andCo.have always been saddled by the idea that Coldplay is merely following in the footsteps of U2 and while Mylo Xyloto won’t do much to dissuade that notion, it (more…) Read More

The Arkells, Michigan Left, Universal

Recorded at the Tragically Hip’s Bathouse studio, the Arkells’ sophomore effort Michigan Left may in fact be one of the bigger surprises of 2011. It not only bucks the sophomore jinx, but it is also the band’s major label debut. This is an album thatis immediately accessible and a far jauntier (more…) Read More

Jim Henman, Same Old Feeling, Indie

Same Old Feeling is not flashy or over produced, it is an album that will quickly put a smile on your face, as itharkensback to a time before the recording industry wrung out the heart and integrity in favor of payola. Jim Henman (founding member ofAprilWine)has recorded an album that (more…) Read More

PZK, La Loi De La Jungle, Sony Music

Go figure that an album entitled La Loi De La Jungle is primarily recorded in French, but that’s the case with the sophomore effort from France’s PZK. The quintet is comprised of childhood friends who range in age from 16-18 and built their popularity with a series of YouTube videos. (more…) Read More

Who hit the Pause button?

When I was growing up, I would regularly check out the music collections of friends and family. The one common trait that all of the collections had was that someone hit the pause button at some point. It was always as if someone drew a lineinthe sandandsimplystopped growing their music collection. It (more…) Read More