One Track: Like A Motorcycle, “Slippin’ Away”


This week’s one track comes from Halifax’s punk-rock trio, Like A Motorcycle. This band takes me back to the raw desert-rock sound of the late 90’s/early 2000’s, where bands like Mondo Generator, Kyuss, Fu Manchu come to mind. It’s the kind of straight up, give it all you got, don’t give a shit, and destroy the stage at the slight opportunity attitude that they bring to their shows, while giving their fans a good time. They haven’t destroyed the stage yet, well at least every show I’ve seen them in, but I’m just waiting for it. Nirvana anyone?

They released their 6-track album, Dress Decent a couple years ago, and have recently released a couple singles, including this week’s one track, Slippin’ Away. If you missed them out at the Jay Smith Memorial Benefit Concert last night, they’ll be playing at Michael’s Bar & Grill, Thursday, April 18, 2013. Here’s the one track, in the form of their latest video release…

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