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Remembering Rita

Cape Breton Island is known for its rolling hills, beautiful ocean views, breathtaking scenery and warming hospitality. Today is a sad day, as it lost one of its finest in Rita MacNeil this past Tuesday night at the age of 68. You would be hard pressed to find an individual who would have something bad…Read More

We Countdown Our Favorite Venues

As you've no doubt ascertained, we here at HAFILAX enjoy live music and live concert events. We've started writing about the shows we've had the pleasure to attend in recent weeks. There will a great deal more of that down the road, but those live shows sparked a great debate amongst (more…)Read More

The Run To Greatness (Part 2)

I've decided to skip the rules and explanation of this article and jump directly into the thick of things (you can find the rules back over in part 1). I have to admit that I had a blast putting together part 1 of this article and was happily surprised at the (more…)Read More

The Camp-Out

Long before the Interweb made it increasingly easy for the scalpers to scoop up the majority of great seats to a show, you only have a couple of options. The only ways to secure those seats for yourself was to either hammer the box office's phone lines in the hopes (more…)Read More

5 Great Album Runs Of 1995

Inspired by Jeff’s post entitled “The Run To Greatness”, a list of popular albums that each feature a great string of songs that run "back-to-back", I thought I’d start my own list. But this list has a catch. To make things interesting, I am only going to include albums that have (more…)Read More

The Run To Greatness (Part 1)

To be "great", as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is to be of ability, quality, eminence considerably above average and "greatness", is defined as the quality of being great, eminence or distinction. Simply put, if you are great at something people will notice, rejoice in, celebrate and hopefully, pay money to (more…)Read More

When Do You Hit the Eject Button?

We all know what we like, or at least have some idea of what we like. There will always be times when you read an article, or get swept up in the hype regarding an Album, TV Show or Video Game, or someone makes a recommendation and you feel compelled to (more…)Read More