Nineteen Ninety Five Albums Of Awesomeness

This is the second part, to my earlier post, titled “5 GREAT ALBUM RUNS OF 1995“. If you haven’t read that post, you can go ahead and check it out by clicking the link. Or, if you are like me, and you just want to get straight into this post, you’re good to go!

Now, in my last post, I may have covered 5 great albums from 1995… but!… they weren’t my favorite albums. No, no, I reserved those album for this post in particular. Cause unlike the first 5 albums, these albums are not only great, but they are in the land of awesomeness!

So, you are probably asking yourself, “Justin… how does 5 awesome albums, all come from one single year?”. Well, being music geek I am, I dug deep through the toughest trenches, and searched far and wide through an amazon jungle to deliver you this awesome list. Well actually, I didn’t do any of those things, I had to work today, but in actuality, it was just a really good year in music. So again, without any further hesitation, I give you the 1995 Albums Of Awesomeness! (From #5 to #1, to build up anticipation).

5 – Radiohead, The Bends (March 13th, 1995)

After having such great success with their first album Pablo Honey, or to be more exact, their one hit wonder, “Creep”, the boys from Radiohead went back into the studio to record “The Bends”. But little did they know, they were creating the first step to their evolution of great albums to come. The albums starts off with the intro to CBC Radio 3, errr…. the song, “Planet Telex”, which feels like an tune that was recorded on ship in outerspace, that builds up into an amazing give it all you got chorus that is nothing short of spectacular. That theme of spectacular doesn’t let up as the album goes from great heights to lower than deep, with songs like “Fake Plastic Trees”, and “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”.

4 – Elastica, Elastica (March 14th, 1995)

Continuing with bands from the UK, this album actually dropped a day after the first review (look at the dates, duh). Anyway, I first heard of these guys while watching an Elastica music video entitled “Connection”, which featured the lead singer, Justine Frischmann surrounded by a group of naked men. Now, I know what you are thinking, but setting that aside, I did find that tune to be very catchy, and went out and bought the album. A personal favorite of mine, the album sticks to it’s power-pop-punk (PPP) formula throughout the album, with a bit of 20-something-year old girl angst (now I like where this album review is going). This album is just full of ready-made hits like “The Car Song”, and “Never Here”, and it’s alot of fun too.

3 – Green Day, Insomniac (October 10, 1995)

Favorite punk album of the 90’s… Yes! Like the last review, there’s also quite a bit of angst on Green Day’s “Insomniac”. Throughout the album you’ll find that each song has it’s own, same 3-chords that play over and over again. Now, that might sound a little boring for some of you, but what makes this album interesting, and worthy of my #3 spot, is that this album has immense energy, (almost explosive), and catchy lyrics provided to you by frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong. Just check out the “Panic Song”, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. This album might have not been revolutionary, but it does provide you with a nice kick to the ass, and in this case, it’s something good to be felt.

2 – The Tea Party, The Edges Of Twilight (March 21, 1995)

Speaking of kicking ass, you are in for a real treat here. With opening track “Fire In The Head”, If you are not blown away, I suggest you go back to that Cardigans album that you were listening to that same year. This album is a signature of Canadian hard rock, and a chapter of many albums to come by the The Tea Party. This emotional driven album takes influences from eastern artists, and a well array of eastern musical instruments. The end result is a well-done masterpiece. Just listening to some of the tracks on the album will give you absolute goosebumps. Take the deep and dark track, “Correspondences”, that will leave you feeling hopeless, only to open your mind to the delightful instrumental of “The Badger”. On top of that, you can’t leave this album until you’ve heard “Sister Awake”, it’s just so masterful. I could easily spend hours just writing on how great this album is. But, I wouldn’t get to my #1 album…

1 – Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill (June 13, 1995)

So, my favorite album of 1995… it’s another Canadian album, and it comes from a young artist (at the time) named… Alanis, I mean Alanis Morissette. She just had to add that extra name in there to sell some records. LOL, actually, no. She sold a lot of records by pure talent. Singing skills… awesome, lyrics…. awesome, band sound…. awesome. With so many tracks, which many became great hits, and absolutely no filler on the album. Jagged Little Pill is one of the best albums of the 90’s period. What do I like about the album? Well, I guess I could love hearing the odd song about having angst against your old ex, and the bad experiences that only come with dating. But really, for me, what I love about this album is the great story telling. And it comes off very personally, maybe not something I can relate to, but it’s something I can believe in.

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