Venue Countdown #9 – The Seahorse Tavern

Much props to Trevor’s #10 of the venue countdown, it’s a great venue, with many memories of seeing live shows, and hockey games at the Metro Centre. Our venue countdown continues with the #9, and a recent favorite of mine, The Seahorse Tavern.

Ok, the Seahorse Tavern maybe a little short on big ass projector screens, and an amazing lighting system. Heck, it doesn’t even have half the big names that some of the bigger venues showcase here in Halifax. Well, let’s be honest here, The Seahorse Tavern is no large venue, sharing it’s space with Economy Shoe Shop, and located in the basement. You’re probably thinking, how does this place stack up with other venues, and making it’s appearance on the countdown? Well… do other places have a cool looking fish bowl, chairs & tables that look like the were carved from a pirate ship, and how about the awesome textures that give you the look of being underwater? It’s pretty suitable for a tavern that’s in the basement. You might actually get the feeling that you are visiting Davy Jones locker.

Now, you’ll probably won’t find bands like Marooned 5, One Eyed Blind, Nine Inch Sails or the Pillage People. Minus the puns. But you will find a large array of great local talent. How do I know this? Well, let’s just say that most of my visits downtown in the last few months have been spent checking out some up-and-coming bands at the Seahorse. My experience at the Seahorse is so recent, that my first show I’ve had the pleasure of seeing was The Dudes play in October during Halifax’s Pop Explosion.


The crowd at The Dudes show.

Now, I know a whole lot of people didn’t know who The Dudes are, being a band from out west and all. But they did make a great impression as being one of the best shows of the festival, and it all happened at a packed Seahorse Tavern. That seems to be a common theme every time I go there. Just recently, I’ve seen Alert The Medic, and the Rockabilly Riot pack the place, but that wasn’t much of a problem for the viewing audience. You see the arrangement of the stage is viewable from many different angles. From right up front in the dance floor, to behind the drummer in the pool room, there isn’t many ways you can’t watch a show at the Seahorse Tavern. Mind you, there are some awkward positioning of the men’s washroom. Like come on! In middle of the dance floor?!?!?! But, setting that aside, all your amenities are all accessible. Also, the venue has a pretty cool backstage room, if you get the odd change of getting back there.

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