Show Shots // HJF2023 N3 – The Last Waltz – 13.07.23

Night 3 of the Halifax Jazz Festival might have been the week’s free show, but it served as an education for this photographer. Having some passing knowledge of The Band, and the documentary surrounding their final concert, it was great to see all of these songs that I knew of separately, played in order as they did on the documentary. Little did we know that a few weeks after this show, The Band’s songwriter Robbie Robertson would pass away. But it was a special night on the Halifax waterfront hearing his songs performed by King Harvest and their cavalcade of guests, including Craig Mercer, Ryan Cook, Mike Ryan,  Terra Spencer, Jah’Mila, Rankin MacInnis and many others.

In the days following this show, I made it a point to sit down and watch the documentary to completely understand what I just experienced on the Halifax waterfront, for Night 3 of the Halifax Jazz Festival.

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