Midweek Mixdown // Musical Mailbag Edition

As I sit down to sift through our overflowing inbox, I wanted to share some of the fantastic tunes that came through the HAFILAX front desk. Hope everyone has been finding some sort of stride during these unusual and interesting times. Let’s dive into the mailbag, shall we?

Gary Beals – “Me for Me”

I’ll tell you this, it has been quite some time since I heard the name Gary Beals. My recollection is more of his time on the Canadian Idol stage and representing the East Coast. He was a talented singer at that time, has since grown even stronger, and “Me for Me” is the lead single from his forthcoming album. The song on its own is deeply personal and moving, and the accompanying video is equally heartwrenching, as it shows the struggles that Beals underwent on his road to self-acceptance. Looking forward to hearing the forthcoming record.

NOA – “Patience”

A catchy jam from the Toronto-born singer, who is definitely on the come-up. After dropping a series of well-polished slices of ear candy in the form of “Motions”, “Casual”, and “Caught Up”, the pop/R&B singer has dropped “Patience”, a track that crackles with an ebullient energy that will have you reaching for the repeat button. We’re definitely going to be hearing much more from this talented artist.

Päter – “Sleep”

Wow, just simply wow. This is an absolute smorgasbord for the ears, definite shades of indie pop, with some rock and folk vibes weaved throughout. It definitely bears some similarities to Tegan & Sara, Partner, and a little bit of Mother Mother to boot. It’s interesting and somewhat obtuse, a song that demands repeated listens, and that is a great thing. If you dig this track, definitely check out the recently released EP Sole. 

X.Ari – “Take Me Home”

The mailbag is brimming with some great pop tunes, and X. Ari’s “Take Me Home” is a definite infectious jam! Definite shades of Lady Gaga included here, alongside a solid electro-pop backbeat.  This is a tune that should be pouring out from speakers across the country, as it should be an easy chart-topper. “Take Me Home” immediately grabs the listener by the ears and refuses to let go.

Kadeema – “Good Lies”

The two principal members of Ascot Royals have moved on and formed a new pop-rock act, Kadeema. Jimmy and Tal are still crafting infectious rock tunes, and “Good Lies” is a definite gem. It’s one of those tracks that you want to throw on, crank the volume, and just sing along to at the top of your lungs. Hopefully, once we weather the pandemic, we will see Kadeema on a stage here in Halifax.

Burry – “Yellow Paint”

Caught this alluring number on CBC Q one morning, and needed to hear more. It’s a dreamy folk-pop number that will hopefully catch your ear as quickly as it caught mine. An interesting concept for a song, as it references the notion that Vincent Van Gogh thought, by literally ingesting the happy colour yellow, it could also make him happy. Press play, sit back, and enjoy this talented Haligonian musician.

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