Midweek Mixdown Side B – Headphone Bops

As the last collection of tunes carried a great deal of weight with them, and rightfully so, I wanted to add a more upbeat Side B.  Just tunes that are bops, that keep me grooving as I mask up and head out to run errands. These tunes certainly help take the edge off while out and about, so let’s see what I have bumpin’ in my headphones as I bop about Costco and the like.

Deadmau5 & The Neptunes – “Pomegranate”

This is definitely in the running for my song of the summer. This collab between EDM heavyweights is nothing short of a chef’s kiss. From the moment I first heard this jam, I still reach for the volume knob and crank this tune way up. It’s safe to say we can all agree that Pharrell is a musical Midas, as he knows nothing other than gold. My mood is instantly boosted when this tune hits, and it is an absolute Headphone Bop.

Haim – “Don’t Wanna”

Another definite Headphone Bop, this cut from the band’s 2020 release is an undeniable slice of folky pop-rock, and is a refreshing and welcome track to emerge. It’s infectious, upbeat, and not overly saccharine-laden. Press play and crank the volume.

Katy Perry – “Daisies”

I love that 2020 is a bit topsy-turvy, and we’re seeing these interesting tunes being churned out by big-name pop acts like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Sure there are definite pop earmarks here, but this is also bigger, folkier, and more subdued than the technicolor Willy Wonka fever dreams that are Perry’s normal videos. This is a tune that I can’t get enough of, as it’s a fantastic track.

Stuck on Planet Earth – “Rising”

Yes, I am a sucker for modern rock that has a poppy backbone, and Stuck on Planet Earth found that sweet spot in my ear, as I can’t get enough of their jam “Rising”. It’s radio-ready rock n roll, but surprisingly I discovered Stuck on Planet Earth thanks to Spotify, and I’m not mad at it. These fellas are a great alt-rock band hailing from Ontario, and hopefully we’ll be hearing more from them in the future. Can’t wait to dig into their latest release.

Lex Leosis – “Pull Up”

Hands down, this is a fucking jam. The latest track from emcee Lex Leosis is a jam that will get people moving, as it is pure fire. Great tune, and is definitely on my Headphone Bops list at the moment. So Pull Up, and press play.

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