Recommended Listening (One-Track) // Jah’mila – “Chant their Names”

Jah’Mila just dropped the single “Chant their Names”, which is an important and necessary cry for change to a system that has long been failing the black community. In recent years, we’ve heard the names Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Freddie Gray, Ahmaud Arbery, and Philando Castile (to name only a few), and watched with abject horror that their lives were lost with little to no impunity from the officers in question. Then with the unabashed malice with which George Floyd was murdered, in plain view of body cameras and several bystanders who filmed this unwarranted transgression, powerless to prevent this senseless killing.

George Floyd was the last straw, and was a rallying cry for people to stand up and demand change from a system that has long been corrupt and in need of a drastic overhaul. We are starting to hear important voices and art arising out of the visceral pain and heartache rippling through communities near and far. “Chant their Names” is a call to keep this issue at the forefront of the news cycle, and ensure that the memories of these unfortunate victims is front and centre.

This is an important piece of art, that speaks to the current social climate crying out for change, and hopefully by sharing Jah’mila’s “Chant Their Names” we can push the issue forward that maybe we need to diversify our social support networks, and maybe divert some of the police funding to help ease the burden and pain of communities in need.

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