Izra Fitch releases coming-of-age track ‘The Hollywood Kids’

Izra Fitch's Debut Single 'The Hollwood Kids'

Nostalgia is powerful. It can bring us pain or happiness, regret or contentment. It can influence how we see the world, and how we shape our relationships. The most seemingly insignificant things can set off an avalanche of memories, and suddenly our hearts long — almost painfully so — to go back.

“I feel like so much of my head is filled with memories”, says Izra Fitch, Halifax musician and songwriter. “I feel like everyone has that feeling of wanting to revisit something.”

Fitch’s debut single ‘The Hollywood Kids’ is a love song for that place and time.

She feels strong nostalgia while swimming in her childhood pool. The sharp, sterile smell of chlorine. The drip of soaking wet hair down her back. The way the dim pool lights illuminate every smile.

“Just being young and everything . . .  Having this specific, platonic relationship with someone that was so important to me, and now I always look back on that. It’s a huge part of my life.”

As a kid growing up in the Annapolis Valley, she felt a connection to pop culture. She and her best friend bonded over Hollywood productions and imagery. They would sit for hours, and fantasize about the world beyond their TV sets.

“So many of us have those moments in our life where you feel like you’re in a movie. There are so many parts of my childhood that felt that way,” she says. “That’s why it’s called ‘The Hollywood Kids’. It’s this very movie-like part of my life.”

Before debuting ‘The Hollywood Kids’, Fitch returned to her hometown. She slept in her old room, and reminisced on all her past hormone-fuelled romantic thoughts — no doubt a result of her beloved movies. Scenes of her childhood replayed in her mind like a coming-of-age indie flick. Walking home at dusk from her best friend’s house, afterglow framing the shot; conversations with friends and family seem almost filtered.

“It was amazing building up to the release in the place I wrote this song about, but it was a definite overflow of emotions,” she says. “Listening to the lyrics each day and revisiting these experiences. I was, like, living in a different period of my life for a few weeks.”

Fitch hopes that when listeners hear ‘The Hollywood Kids’ it gives them the same sense of nostalgia. That the personal lyrics push their hearts into a place of longing, and that her smooth voice wraps them up, and reminds them that they aren’t alone in wanting a rewind.

Fitch is back in Halifax now — and present day. She is hoping to share another piece of her heart with listeners soon after some reflection and down time.

Because sometimes you don’t realize you’re in the good ol’ days until they’re gone.


Listeners can find ‘The Hollywood Kids‘ on all major streaming platforms.

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