Friday Morning Mixtape // Daylight Savings Edition….already!?!

It’s hard to believe where the time goes, eh? We’re already up against the dreaded time change, where we lose that fabled hour of sleep, but isn’t it really worth it to gain an extra hour of daylight per day? It’s going to be alright, we’ll get through it together. It’s been a bit since we posted our last mix, so this is cobbled together from some cuts that we’ve been digging on; some are well known favourites covered by some talented performers. Let’s enjoy a few tunes, shall we?

Meghan Patrick – “Black Velvet”

As part of CBC’s Juno 365 sessions, they bring in nominees to cover previous Juno winners, and Meghan Patrick’s choice to take on the Alannah Myles classic is a great pick. It’s one of those rare cases when the cover might actually surpass the original; it just feels current and fresh, which is incredibly difficult considering how ubiquitous this song was during its heyday.

Justin Rutledge – “Building a Mystery”

There are plenty of covers out there that are fine, or that fail to bring anything new to the material. But that is absolutely not the case here with Justin Rutledge’s take on the Sarah McLachlan gem “Building a Mystery”, dialing the tempo back a notch, and just letting the song simmer with his sweetly delicate vocal delivery. It’s a killer version of a fantastic tune.

AWOLNation – “The Best”

This is one of those songs that may sneak up on you, as the first handful of times I heard it, I never once associated it with AWOL Nation, at times thinking there was a new atmospheric tune from MUSE. This is a sparse electro-rock tune that has these great bursts of energy, but for the most part simmers just below the surface. It’s going to be a tune that finds its way onto my 2020 running mixes, as it will be fun to have this pumping on the headphones.

The Lumineers – “Life in the City”

Sometimes a song needs to percolate a bit before it hits you in the feels, and that is absolutely the case with this gem from the Lumineers. This track has been all over the radio since September, and lately, I can’t seem to get enough, it gets better on each spin. It’s every bit as good as the band’s earlier works, and will be on my playlist for some time to come.

Arkells – “Years in the Making”

Arkells are one of the most prolific bands in the music industry, as they have been churning out hit records at a breakneck pace. Since High Noon, these Hamilton lads have not strayed far from your radio dial. Between being on the road and being in the studio, it’s hard to fathom that a few fellas in the band have young families at home. The band has only grown their live show on each go-round, and now are embarking on their second blockbuster Rally! during the summer up at Ti-Cat stadium. For those out here on the East Coast, we will see Arkells hit the opening night of Rock the Hub in Truro alongside The Beaches (and Skye Wallace).

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