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Top 10 Albums of 2016 // Trev’s List

Growing up, December was always one of my favourite months as it meant the year-end issues of Rolling Stone, Spin, Blender and the countless other music mags published their yearly lists and picked their favourites from the past 12 months. Sadly, a lot of those publications have either shuttered, or gone to an online-only model.… Read More

8 Tracks: New and Noteworthy

Hello Again and welcome back for a new edition of 8 Tracks: Catchin' On.  I'm not sure how many others listen to music, but I know for me it's a voracious appetite of MP3's, local rock radio and a barrage of Youtube videos to keep up with the new music that is constantly pouring out.… Read More

Jeff’s Favourites of 2012

Another year has come and gone and so has the music with it. It was an interesting year filled with big promise and big whiffers (DMB, Springsteen &Dylan). It will also go down as the year which we can find the most overplayed songs, of possibly all time (Call Me Maybe, (more…) Read More