TBT: HAFILAX hits up HPX 2013/2014 – Photo Gallery

Over the past couple of years, HAFILAX has had at least one official photographer at the Festival (in 2013 we were all in attendance – but only Justin had a media pass). We were all accredited in 2014 and, over the two years, we have taken in a lot of great music.  We’ve learned our tolerance for sleep deprivation, the amount of caffeine that our bodies can handle, and to always have earplugs on hand (we do value our ears after all).  It’s always a whirlwind week and, for the past two years, we’ve tried to cover the festival while working full-time jobs during the day.

This year is a bit different, as we’re down 1 member of our team (Justin – who’s away in Ontario training to become an even better photog), and Jeff and I have booked a couple of days off so that we can provide the best coverage possible and not crash and burn by the end of the week.  Here’s a gallery of some of the shots we’ve taken over the past two years.

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