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Monday Morning Soundtrack: The Drought is Over

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, but now that the drought is over I have a handful of tunes for you to get you through the start to your work week.  Alright, let's get down to the tunes! "Dreams" - Beck https://youtu.be/oTM3YPTYNo0 Not since 1999's Midnight Vultures has Beck been so upbeat and dance-y. "Dreams"… Read More

Halifax Pop Explosion 2014, Initial Line-up Announced!

Just recently announced today, Halifax Pop Explosion's inital acts for it's 2014 line-up has been released, and the festival will be taking place between October 21st to the 25th. This year's HPX is looking very hip hop/rap, and dubstep heavy. With the successful show of Killer Mike last year, and the unexpected medical emergency of… Read More