Halifax Pop Explosion Preview Part 1 – Bands You Already Know

With the summer festival scene safely in the rear-view mirror we can now point our attention toward the Halifax Pop Explosion.  Taking place from Oct 20th through Oct 24th 2015, the Halifax Pop Explosion (HPX)  is a five day festival that features over 150 artists performing across the city landscape. The festival also prides itself on diversity, which is why you can find yourself at comedy shows, record fairs, tech talks and much more.

As we lead up to the festival, the crew at HAFILAX have come together to try and break down which artists you should see and why (not to knock anyone playing the festival, but sifting through 150 acts can be a daunting task).  In part 1 of the piece (this is going to be a three part spectacular) we’ll take a look at those acts which you’ve probably already marked down as bands to see.

July Talk @ The Halifax Forum Multi-Purpose Centre, Oct 23rd at 9pm 

One of the best live acts I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in the past ten years.  Lead guitarist/vocalist Peter Dreimanis and co/vocalist Leah Fay have spent the past three years howling and snarling their way from stage to stage across North America.  With a dance-fused indie rock sound propelling them in a constant forward motion, a July Talk show is best suited for those who are up to the task of partaking in a rock show.  Moshing will ensue.

Rich Aucoin with Symphony Nova Scotia @ Rebecca Cohen Auditorium, Oct 23rd & 24th at 7pm

This has got to be one of the more interesting mash-ups that Symphony Nova Scotia has ever announced.  For those who have yet to see a Rich Aucoin show, shame on you.  To be part of a Rich Aucoin show is to be apart of something more than a musical performance.  The talent, energy and confidence oozing from every pore of Aucoin’s body has calculated purpose while also maintaining an unpredictable chaos.  I have no idea how this is going to translate in a seated theatre with a symphony taking the place of his band but I’m wildly curious.

Travi$ Scott @ The Halifax Forum Multi-Purpose Centre, Oct. 22nd at 10pm

Travis $cott is a burgeoning emcee, one of the first to emerge from the class of Kanye West. The more recent works of Mr. West are those from which $cott (nee Jacques Webster) has drawn inspiration. The beats are thin and wispy, while there’s an auto-tuned element which would be easy to discount had the flow not been as tight as it is. HPX’s excitement over this booking was lost on the HAFILAX crew initially, but upon cracking the code contained within $cott’s debut “Rodeo”, it made complete sense. In previous years, the Halifax Pop Explosion bookers brought Killer Mike, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Danny Brown to town, so this is just the latest feather in the fest’s cap. This is a show which will be talked about for years to come.


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