One Track: SoHo Ghetto, “One At A Time”

After checking out one of their shows at the East Coast Music Week, for the Buyer’s Showcase, I came across their youtube video that was showing some of the highlights of the band at the music festival. It was a good video, that showed the band that they were enjoying themselves during the week, but while viewing the video, I couldn’t help but notice how good the song was playing during the video. Albeit, it wasn’t a song I had recognized, but I knew it was from the band.

Good news though, it’s actually their latest single for an upcoming album release this summer. I’m actually quite pumped, cause I really enjoy the song. It has this retro 80’s sound, that is really uplifting. And the juggling vocals in the chorus is just so god damn catchy. Enough ranting about it, give it a listen…


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