Major Concert Announcement? Is it always Major?

With the spate of recent concert announcements, the word that keeps getting thrown around a great deal is Major when it pertains to shows being announced.  Now don’t get me wrong, we’re getting a lot of excellent acts arriving on our doorstep and this isn’t to take away from their importance, however if you want to retain any sort of integrity or importance, then maybe every concert can’t be a truly MAJOR announcement.

My opinion is that when Springsteen, McCartney, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty or Prince announce shows here, those are the MAJOR shows, and while the recently announced shows from Alice in Chains and The Killers are coups for the region, they aren’t major shows, they are big shows, but not major shows.  I understand the need to get eyeballs, but I also know that the importance of integrity trumps that need, understand that there are tiers to musicians, and much like those tiers, the concert announcements being released have a similar system.  The importance should center on the act(s) performing and not the venue they are performing in to determining that importance.

Let’s try and get the excitement of the announcement under control, and steer clear of the unnecessary hyperbole and hype which has been taking over in recent months.  It might seem like it’s a semantic argument, but once the weight of the words is considered, we might get well balanced concert reporting coming out, which may also cut down on the discord surrounding the announcements. While we can have a slew of announcements, not all of them can be Major, so let’s get a criteria in place to better inform our readers.

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A proud and over-caffeinated husband, father, runner and writer. I've written for the local weekly The Coast for over a decade and have since taken to creating and writing for HAFILAX for even longer. I hope you enjoy the musings of a guy who has loved music for the better part of 4 decades, and has an album of concert tickets to show for it.