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colourcodehauleOne of my favourite parts about writing for Hafilax, is that I get to write reviews for upcoming bands, that I’m pretty excited about, but are not quite well known outside of the east coast. It’s the feeling of knowing that you have something special on your hands, and you just want to tell everyone. That is the case with PEI’s Colour Code.

Upon seeing them live at the “Guild”, in Charlottetown for East Coast Music Week, I met up with lead singer, Sam Rayner to get my hands on a copy of their latest album. Being a fan of their previously released demo, I was eagerly waiting to see what kind of material they would release this time around. For me it was something that was fresh, that breeded new energy into the east coast music scene. Something so good, would be very hard to follow-up, so I thought I’d listen to their latest release, “Haule EP”, and give you my track-by-track review.

1. 77: The opening track really has this U2, “Where The Streets Have No Name” vibe. There’s quite a bit of build up, with this nice clean guitar, but that’s where the comparison ends when the beautiful violin starts becoming prenounced. The bass eventually kicks into the song, and then goes all out, Colour Code style. I like the undertone in the vocals here. There’s a lot going on in the bridge, but doesn’t sound busy. The violin solo is enough to give you goosebumps. It’s a short and sweet song to start things off, and lead into the next track.

Houle EP by Colour Code

2. House On Fire: This is where the band really shines on this album. After such a great build-up from the previous track, the sound becomes very melodic. Everything sounds great within the verse, from the memorable vocals to the instruments playing, as you get sucked up into it’s charm. And then BAM! The chorus comes in, and you are treated to lovely back-up vocals. All the melodies on this track sound so seamlessly. Undoubtedly an enjoyable listen.

3. DNA: Previously appearing on their demo, this track could have easily been called DNA (acoustic version). The upbeat tempo, of the original is replaced by this kind of folky wholesomeness. It’s as if they took the energy of a live show, and took it out on the road. The song sounds good up until the chorus, where I find that the pausing in between the guitar strumming a little distracting, hindering the flow of the song. The second time the chorus hits, the song is in it’s fullest, especially when the bass picks up. I really like what they did with the ending this time around, as I feel that they took the time to nicely close off the song.

Houle EP by Colour Code

4. Gone To Sea: This is the song that I believe steps back into the shadows of the rest of the songs in this album. The strong point isn’t in the arrangements of the instruments, but in the sweetness of vocals by Emilee Sorrey, who takes lead, and adds a different tone to the album. When the two singers start the duet in the chorus, that is the point of where the magic happens. I’m really starting to see the great chemistry between them (singing of course), throughout the album.

5. Worth: Another song that appeared off the demo, I really enjoyed the original, and they seemed to cut back on the song in length on this one. Grrr… j/k. What is evident in this song is that they downed the hard-hitting drums, and keyboard for something more subtle. I think this time around, up to this point, you being to realize that maybe when they were recording the album, they kinda slowed down, and took the time to make an album with more texture, and tried to really refine this album. For me, it’s not something that really makes me excited about when listening to an album, but when I sit back, and listen, I really appreciate what they’ve done.

Houle EP by Colour Code

6. Good Hard Worker: This track separates from the rest of the album, as being a popish indie rock song. It’s kinda reminiscent of Arcade Fire‘s, “Keep The Car Running”. It’s fast paced, it’s catchy, there’s a few rhymes in the lyrics. It’s nothing grand, like some moments you’ll find on the album, but just a nice song to end it all off.

Anyhoo, that’s my two cents. This is a really good album. And I can’t wait to hear what’s in store next. This is one of a few bands that get me excited about, especially when they come to town. Please check these guys out, and go out to their live shows. I’ve seen them three times (twice @ ECMW), and two of their shows have been quite good. And the other, I blame it on not having their full line-up. I’m hoping they continue with this energy that they display when they are out on tour. Cause you know… their young, full of enthusiasm, and when they start playing to the crowd. They’re golden.

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