Friday Night Soundtrack – Nov. 8th, 2013

This weeks edition of the FNS is brought to you by the cover song.  Covers are and will always be an important aspect in the world of music.  From on stage performances to backyard camp fires, when someone breaks out a cover song it is immediately heard, compared and judged.  Sometimes covers are done so well that nobody realizes that it was a song prior to that version (Girls Just Want To Have Fun) and sometimes they completely bomb (U2’s version of Fortunate Son).   

The following are five cover songs that could fall into a couple of different categories for you.

  • You knew it was a cover and knew the original version
  • You might have heard that it was a cover but didn’t know who did the original performance
  • You had no idea that this song was a cover at all.


Lovers In A Dangerous Time – One Canadian act hits the charts with a 80’s pop/rock rendition while another Canadian act recreate the song acoustically and introduce it to an entirely different age group of music fans.

Original Artist – Bruce Cockburn



Why You Might Know it – Barenaked Ladies



Mad World – New Wave Brits vs American Piano folk.  Both versions work at particular times all depending on your mood.

Original Artist – Tears For Fears



Why You Might Know It – Gary Jules



Hallelujah – Canadian artist Leonard Cohen pens what is considered to be one of the greatest songs ever written.  American guitar wizard, Jeff Buckley, takes the song and does what we assumed couldn’t be done…made it even greater.

Origianl Artist – Leonard Cohen



Why You Might Know It – Jeff Buckley



Whisky In The Jar – You hear this song every time you walk into an Irish pub in any city, only you really had no idea what the song was.  Metallica turn around and change this song into an entirely different beast.

Original Artist – The Dubliners



Why You Might Know It – Metallica



All Along The Watchtower – There’s nothing to say here other than Dylan and Hendrix.  Take your pick you can’t go wrong either way.

Original Artist – Bob Dylan



Why You Might Know It – Jimi Hendrix


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