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With most musicians, the road is generally an experience which is begrudged as they know all too well (especially with the current state of physical media sales) that touring is a necessary evil.  Books have been written about the trials and tribulations of life on the road and while  some romanticize the experience, others revel in the debauchery and depravity.   Other bands consider having to develop their talents at among other things, human Tetris, to be a rite of passage on the long road of rock n’ roll.  As acts continue to upgrade the modes in which they move about the planet, few have the opportunity to see the country the way in which Joyce Island will on her current tour.   In partnership with VIA Rail, Joyce Island (aka Lisa Joyce) is leaving the Left Coast (Vancouver) and heading to Halifax to perform at Michael’s Bar & Grill on Thursday Night (November 7th) with support being provided by fellow artists Skinny Leigh, Len Ottesen and Shiloh Lindsey.

The Folkways and Railways tour is in support of Joyce Island’s debut eponymous EP (Joyce Island EP) which was released back in the spring of 2013.  This collection of 7-8 tracks clocks in at a scant 26 minutes and does not disappoint.  There are country-folk undertones which run throughout this collection tunes, but at the heart of things, this is a rock album.  Throughout the album, there are definite moments where shades of Holly McNarland bleeds through on tracks such as “No Sorrow”, “World Full of Pain” and “Mercy on Me”.   At other times,  there is a definite smokey hue which smacks distinctively of Sheryl Crow (“Never Enough” or “Ain’t Got You”).  The EP never wears out its welcome, and begs for 3-4 more tracks to satiate those who were just settling in around track 5 or 6.

Michael’s will be a great fit for this collection of songs, but I’d be almost more interested to catch one of her performances aboard the train, as it would be an entertaining way to pass the time while traversing the country.  If you are looking for something to do on a Thursday night, you should stop by and check out this talented singer songwriter on the 2nd stop of her tour before she hops back onto the train to start her trek back to Vancouver.

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