Hafilax Does HPX 2013: Day #1 Preview

2013-hpx-festival-announcement-011Halifax Pop Explosion kicks off tomorrow night with over 20 artists, in 7 different venues. The festival begins at the Parentheses Gallery @ 5:00pm with Chief Thundercloud & Moonsocket, and continues on with quite of a bit of variety from a country rock show at The Carleton to some psychedelic punk music happening at Gus’ Pub. The night might not be as busy as the weekend would suggest, but does pack quite a punch.

The one line-up I’m most excited about seeing is the Arts & Crafts show, presenting Zeus, The Darcys, Still Life Still, North Lakes @ Reflections Cabaret, starting at 9:30 PM. From PEI, North Lakes open the show, they’re another reason why the music scene on the island is so happening. Their influences are 60s pop & garage rock. Next up, (***note, see video below) Still Life Still, an indie band who just released their album, “Mourning Trance”, a very personal album that really hits the highest of highs, and lowest of lows. Their show should be quite engaging. For me, there’s a lot of unknown territory with this lineup, that’s for sure with The Darcys, who seem to be a band that plays very dark music. It’s big difference from the last show of the night, Zeus, who are very poppy. And this is the reason why I head out to Halifax Pop Explosion, cause every year I’ve ended up finding something new that I didn’t know about before, and sometimes you end up a fan of the band. The Darcys will be interesting for me, to say the least. You’ll see a lot of influences from the Beatles, (think Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with all the added fun), from the last band of the night, Zeus, who are also my must see band of the night.

Here’s some tracks to throw your way, and get you into the excitement of the festival…

Zeus, “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?”
Where @: Reflections Cabaret, 12:30 AM

Oh yeah! Let’s bring back the 70’s classic rock, with a clay version of the muppets, and a couple of hungry dogs to eat up the band. Physically, they might be tasty, but their infectious sound is much more tastier.

The Beards, “Got Me A Beard”
Where @: The Seahorse Tavern, 1:00 AM

After seeing this video, I’m actually terrified to go see these guys live, without getting my head chopped off. I’m gonna either man up, and grow a beard, or bring a machete to fend off the majority of bearded people who go to see them live. I don’t like my odds.

Update: Their show has been cancelled. See details here… www.thebeards.com.au
Good news though, they have been replaced by a secret guest. Rich Aucoin? Joel Plaskett? or possibly another bearded-man, stayed tuned as we’ll keep you updated. =)

Ladies Of The Canyon, “Follow Me Down”
Where @: The Carleton, 11:30 PM

This is one of the country artists I was mentioning, and they don’t play in the most exciting genre of music I would listen to, but these gals are really good. Just think, Blue Rodeo good, but of the female variety. Did I mention, they get their name from a Joni Mitchell album.

Obits, “Spun Out”
Where @: Gus’ Pub, 1:00 AM

Ok camera man, this band needs their space. Oh wait, or is that the lead singer can play the guitar & hold up the camera at the same time. Or maybe, the lead singer has grown a third arm. I hope he doesn’t have to use the bathroom with all that toilet paper getting thrown around. I must say, that would be alot of multitasking.

Still Life Still, “Burial Suit”
Where @: Reflection Cabaret, 10:30 PM

I don’t know if this nostalgic footage was taken years ago, or they are just had fun dressing up people in 80’s clothing with alot of awesome special effects. Either way it works. And so does the song, which is making me day dream of years ago too.

*** Another last minute update, their show has been replaced with Soho Ghetto. But since their music is so rad, Hafilax is gonna keep the music video up, for your viewing pleasure.

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