Friday Night (Saturday Morning?) Soundtrack – October 18th, 2013

So after a two week hiatus we’re finally back, well sort of.  Jeff is en route to Boston to catch Franz Ferdinand, so I’m back at the helm of the Friday Night Soundtrack.  Yes we’ve been a bit slack over the past couple of weeks, but we’re ramping up for the impending HPX (Halifax Pop Explosion) which starts on Tuesday, so expect to see a flurry of activity over the course of the week.  Tonight also marks the return of Matthew Good to our region, which Justin and I will be attending.    Enough about us and on to this weeks FNS, and while I know Jeff like’s having a theme of sorts to kick your weekend off to, I’m much more a fan of the mix-tape mentality and introduce you to some new stuff, with maybe a fan favorite tossed in for good measure.

1. “Listen to the Music” – Walk off the Earth

This recently caught my ear, and is another great showcase of how talented this band is .  It’s a fantastic version of the Moody Blues classic and is one of those tunes you just  want to blast while cruising around with the windows down.

2.”Shelter Valley” – Gentleman Husbands

These lads from Coburg, Ontario opened up for Matthew Good on his recent visit to town, and have just released the video for “Shelter Valley” from their EP House of Cards.  They have a great summery vibe which will send you to grab a beer and take up residence on a nearby patio.  The lead singer has a Tom Petty meets Rick Springfield with just a hint of Kim Mitchell.  I can’t wait for the band to return to these parts.

3. “Speeches” – Walk off the Earth

Normally I wouldn’t break the cardinal rule of a mixtape, but in this case the song video pairing was far too good.  For a band who has built a name for themselves from performing other people’s songs, the fact that their original work is equally as good should be showcased as well.

4.  “No Scrubs” – Bastille

While Bastille’s chart topper “Pompeii” has begun to chafe the ear drums, it wasn’t until I saw this cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs” where I developed an appreciation for his talent, this is a solid cover of a retro slice of hip-hop.  Definitely worth the listen.

5. “Guns of Carolina” – Matthew Good

This is a track off of Matt’s latest effort Arrows of Desire (my personal favorite track) which has been serving as the closer to his shows on this tour.  Here he performs is live in Studio Q.

6. “Night Still Comes” – Neko Case

If you’re not familiar with Neko’s work, you should be.  Have a listen to “Night Still Comes” off of her latest album Bracing For Sunday” by Neko Case from the album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You

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