This Ship – All The Stars & Elements

This Ship
With All The Stars & Elements, (the band’s first major EP) the Halifax foursome This Ship have created an absolute gem of an album.  Whereas most acts rely heavily on distorted guitars and two-minute lead breaks, ATSAE 

Clocking in at just under 35 minutes (Typical Speakers is the shortest track coming in at 5:33) ATSAE might seem like a lengthy five song set but once it begins, the album seems to grab ahold and refuses to let go.  Blending a super-fused indie sound with a four on the floor dance-rock quality, This Ship prove that a band can still create a catchy, energetic six-minute opus, where three-minute pop jams currently rule the charts for the most part..

Combining four distinct, powerful voices has allowed the band to create an epic wall of sound throughout every single track.  On the album Bethany Fulde (guitarist), Justin MacPherson Wiles (keys/keytars) and Jordan Stephens (bass) all take turns singing lead, while Adam Martin (percussion) provides an endless range of backing vocals from start to finish.

New bands come together each and everyday, some of those bands might turn out to be the next great act, while others are destined to settle into a groove that would satisfy any dingy pub on main street.  Then you have the curious case of bands that fall somewhere in between.  The reason for why each band ends up where it does is not really known.  It might be due to the fact that the band is mediocre, maybe they don’t practice enough or have the right talent to take that next step, or maybe, as is the case with This Ship, they are simply waiting for the right time to take the music scene by storm.  With so much talent oozing from each member both musically and vocally (listen to the album and you’ll be nodding in agreement), it won’t be long until this band becomes a household name.

Check out their site here and you can purchase the album through their bandcamp.


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