One Track: Diana, “Born Again”

Move over Washed Out & Toro Y Moi, here’s one track, taken straight from the “chillwave” manual that’s got you beat. Based out of Toronto, Diana may not be in the genre of “chillwave” or “ambient pop”, there’s no telling, this is the first track to be released out into the interwebs by the band. But there sure is a strong case for the genre stapling, if not, you can easily here Destroyer‘s “Kaputt”, mellow vibe heard throughout the track.

Why do I personally like this song? Well, Spring weather and all this rain is making me miserable. Let’s put some shades on, relax on the beach and soak up the sun with this track…

And throw some rocks at the seagulls, pesky animals taking my sandwich! j/k.

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Me, I'm an avid music goer, documenting/photographing Halifax's music scene. I like loud shows, and long walks on the beach.