8 Tracks – Just Some Simple Ear Noms

1. “On the Line” – The Olms

The low fidelity movement is afoot, and the Olms jumped in with both feet.  “On the Line” is the latest release from the forthcoming (June 4th) debut album from the latest Pete Yorn project.  This track is reminiscent of Yorn’s debut album Musicforthemorningafter, it’s not an album crafted for radio, it’s a throwback track that would sound comfortably at home in the late 60’s early 70’s era of AM rock.

2. “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up)” – Fallout Boy

After a short-lived hiatus Fallout Boy came to the realization that the band is more formidable as a pop-rock outfit instead of a troupe of solo artists.  I didn’t expect anything for the new Fallout Boy material and was pleasantly surprised that “My Songs Know…” exceeded my expectation.  This is leaning far more towards being full on rock without a lot of the previous Fallout Boy pretense, well worth a listen.


3. “Started from the Bottom” – Drake

This is a catchy piece of fluff, I’m not sure what my enjoyment of the tune says about me, but it’s a fun piece of hip-pop.


4. “Righteous Smoke” – Monster Truck

Resistance is futile as they say, and that is definitely the case here with Monster Truck as they are another band who sound like a throwback to 70’s era rock.   Monster Truck have taken the happy hippy shtick of the Sheepdogs and thickened up the sound for a distinctly meaty area rock vibe.  If they are half as intense on stage, they would be a great act to catch live.


5. “Heartbeat” – Kopecky Family Band

“Heartbeat” was a track that I did not expect to hear coming from this Nashville based sextet, but the indie pop vibe was so incredibly catchy and hook laden it was impossible to resist.  Even from the video, you can tell this is a band that doesn’t take themselves overly serious and as such, the music flourishes because of that.


6. “That Power” – will.i.am ft. Justin Bieber

Never thought that I’d have a Bieber track on the 8 Track but Will.I.Am has been an artist that has always intrigued me, even during his Black Eyed Peas days, as his beats aren’t your typical pop fare, they hit hard and tell a story at the same time.  Another track that I never expected to dig, but ended up really liking it, even with the Bieber involvement.


7. “Lean Into the Fall” – Mona

There’s a raw, gutteral energy being exuded on this track which is a definite recommendation.  Mona is one of the few bands that is based out of the US, but the UK is where they broke first.  “Lean into the Fall” is a track from 2011 but was also the track which the band chose to play on both The Tonight Show and on the Conan show.


8. “Otherside (Original)” – Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

While “Thrift Shop” may be Macklemore’s breakthrough single, “Otherside” is a better showcase of what he is actually capable of.  Much like their breakthrough single, Ryan Lewis keeps the production tight while Macklemore tears up the mic on this very personal tale of his addictions and previous battles with his demons.

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