A New 30 Day Facebook Song Challenge :: Day 19 :: Song You Used to Like and Now You Don’t

We’rrrrrrre back! We hope everyone had a great holiday season and have managed to shake the dreaded vacation brain. We’ve flung the doors wide open and we’re back to talk music (and we may even throw in some movie or game references for good measure). And as they said back in


day, it’s on with the show!

A song that I was initially leary of, and then got on board with for a couple of weeks is Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Once radio sank its claws in and wrung out every last drop of enjoyment, the love affair ended. From there it was nothing but sheer overplaydom, anywhere you went, Gotye was there ready to haunt your experience. It was an interesting retro throwback to 80’s era pop tunes, but quickly grew stale and got worse as pop radio hammered it home to anyone that would listen.

Don’t get me wrong, it is more a case of radio ruining yet another slice of pop music pie as opposed to being a fundamentally rotten tune, fortunately there have been a couple of covers which breathe some life into the limp corpse of this track. The first being by Walk Off the Earth and the infamous 5 people 1 guitar fame.


and the second is from American Idol (of all places) specifically the duet by Phil Phillips and Elise Testone on the Top 7 showcase show. The texture of their voices truly elevate the source material, to something that was both interesting and engaging (see for yourself – the self effacing intro video will make you chuckle)

But the original is still the equivalent of nails down the chalkboard for me.


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