30 Day Facebook Challenge (Jeff Edition) – Day 19 – Song You Used To Like And Now You Don’t

So due to the holiday season there was a minor, two week hiatus here at Hafilax, and after taking some time to detox (both mentally and physically) it seems as though were back on track.

If you had the ability to take musical sound and change, it so that it became something

tangible, the container built to contain all of the songs which at one point people liked but now don’t, would be epically massive. Take a minute to think how many songs/artists came out of the 90’s that fit this mold……….I’m serious, think about it…….now go back to the 80’s and do the same. It’s a shame that I have to select one lonely song to represent day 19.

For this, we go all the way back to 1990. I was only 10, so the musical crimes which I might have been apart of, cannot be held against me. I was still in elementary school and trying to figure out what music was. The latest and greatest one hit wonder would be what I fell in love with, and at the time there was nothing as big as MC Hammer.

Now, there is no way that you can sit there, and deny that you weren’t sucked in as well. We all know you had the baggy pants, knew all of the words and could pick that bass line out anywhere. It was a phenomenom that swept across the planet. People could be found doing that little side step shuffle (you know the one) in every nook and cranny, but much like everything else in this world (other than taxes) an end must eventually appear and so did the career of MC Hammer.

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