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This is the hardest question in the world for me to answer, as it requires me to actually pick a favorite album which is a near impossibility. What is that even based on? Do I go back to the staples that got me through high school? Or the albums thatledmeto see some of my favorite acts live? Or do I pick something left of center, simply to avoid having to decide what my favorite album is? Rather than have me humm and haww over this agonizing question, I am going to list my top 5 favorite albums at the current moment (trust me, this could change if you ask me 5 minutes from now) and I will give you my favorite track on each, fair enough? Ok, then let’s get this show on the road…In No Particular Order——————————–1> Nirvana – Nevermind – “In Bloom” — This is an album that holds aspecialplace in my heart, not only was I given a copy by a crush in grade 9, but more importantly it was my very first CD. This disc got worn out, while it’s a bit cliche to say Kurt was the voice of a generation, he truly was. For those of you who can remember where you were when JFK was assasinated, or the 911 towers came down, or a man walked on the moon, there will be those who will be able to tell you where they were when Kurt’s body was found. The pure emotion that Butch Vig managed to capture on Nevermind is unreal, it’s not just wall to wall chaos, see “Polly”, but for me it isn’t “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “Come as you are” but my favorite track is “In Bloom”, it’s the song that I hear when I think of Nevermind.2> Radiohead – The Bends – “Fake Plastic Trees” — This is a no brainer for me, as this is the album that took Radiohead from grunge rock rookies to progressive rock royalty. This album is something of a Coldplay-esque effort, as it was a poppy, atmospheric album that got a ton of airplay. See “High & Dry”, “Just” and “Fake Plastic Trees”, Radiohead reinvented themselves for this album and then continued to do so for the next handful of records. This is easily the most accessible Radiohead album, which is excellent as it foreshadows what was to come on Ok Computer. But my favorite track is “Fake Plastic Trees” as it mellows me out when it comes on with it’s cool simplicity.3> The Black Crowes – Southern Harmony and Musical Companion – “Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye” — This album took me years to truly appreciate, I remember picking up the cassette when I was in high school for their single “Remedy” which was a rambunctious slice of modern Southern rock, but didn’t really dig the slower, bluesier tunes this album offered, but I came back to the disc years later and it was an entirely different experience. By this point grunge was fading and I was getting into Neil Young, some CCR and Van Morrison, so it allowed me to appreciate this album far more than I did in Jr. High. The warm gospel influences on this track make it a great summer tune to have on in the background.4> Pearl Jam – Ten – “Once” — This is the album that carried from a lot of the dance-pop and pop music I had been listening up until this point. When I first saw the video for “Jeremy”, I knew things were going to be different. Pearl Jam and their angry schoolboy opened a door for me (one that Nirvana blew from the hinges) but this was the apt soundtrack for my Grade 10 year, I ran this album into the ground and it still gets dusted off from time to time. The single I have to say is my Favorite would have to be “Once” the rawness of Eddie Vedder’s howl throughout the track is effecting. It transports me back to High School every time I hear it.5> Matthew Good – In a Coma – “Load Me Up” — Yes, I’m cheating a lot on this one, but I think any one of Matthew Good’s albums could safely be on this list, each album has been played to death. But “Load Me Up” is my favorite track by a narrow margin, but again the idea of Murphy Fighting Occam is pretty entertaining to this Philosophy Grad.There you have it — five of my favorite discs and the single from each that I consider to be my favorite.Later on!Trev


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