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8 Tracks – Just Some Simple Ear Noms

1. "On the Line" - The Olms http://youtu.be/FAq7nn8vHzw The low fidelity movement is afoot, and the Olms jumped in with both feet.  "On the Line" is the latest release from the forthcoming (June 4th) debut album from the latest Pete Yorn project.  This track is reminiscent of Yorn's debut album Musicforthemorningafter, it's not an album crafted… Read More

Quick Hit: Sunday Sept. 16 – 8 Track Random Mix

(5 Tracks didn't have quite the same ring to it, as the ill fated media format 8-Track) Here goes... 1. "This Evening's Great Excuse" - Rock Crown - Seven Mary Three 2. "Fire in Freetown" - Troubadour - KN'aan 3. "Canadian National Anthem"-July1st 2004, Molson Amphitheatre -The Tragically Hip w/ Joel Plaskett 4. "Poor (more…) Read More