Wayback Wednesday // Rankin MacInnis’ Winter Warmer Finale @The Marquee // 18.03.23

Hard to believe that we’re over 3 months out from the finale of the 22/23 Winter Warmer season, but here we are.  Fortunately, Rankin MacInnis’ prowess for putting on one hell of a kitchen party has not gone unnoticed.  Since wrapping his weekly Sunday afternoon series, he has reunited with his band The Broken Reeds a few times since that afternoon.   The band was tapped to perform over ECMA weekend in Halifax, and the band took to the opportunity to throw a Kitchen Party Kickoff show that incorporated the same Sunday spirit of joy and camaraderie, proving exactly why Rankin is the kitchen party king.

On this mid-March Sunday afternoon, it was apparent that tickets to the Winter Warmer finale were hot commodities, as the line snaked around past the Local and up to the front of the Marquee complex.  For the younger crowd, Sundays are a day for greasy grub and laying low; to recuperate from those late-night liquor-fueled adventures.   To see the Marquee crammed with an all-ages crowd in the daylight was something special.

Rankin assembled a talented roster of musicians to play alongside him and a lengthy list of special guests.  For the finale, Rankin invited Brian and Colin from Pretty Archie, as well as the wildly talented Jah’Mila, Dave Sampson, and the one and only Lennie Gallant.  It was a fantastic way to wrap up the season.   After hearing nothing but great things about this whole series, I finally made it out and was glad I did, it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and you know I’ll be back when it picks back up at the end of 2023.   Until then, I will leave you with a few snaps I captured during the Winter Warmer Finale.

 Winter Warmer Finale


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