Wayback Wednesday // ECMA Kitchen Party Kickoff @ The Harbourfront Marriott – 03.05.23

Rankin and Shanii22 catching some air

Since we threw the clock back to a Sunday afternoon in March for Rankin MacInnis’s Winter Warmer Finale, why don’t we throw it back one more time today with a look back at the ECMA Kickoff Kitchen Party. Rankin’s wildly talented band the Broken Reeds was in top form once more, this time taking to the stage at the Harbourfront Marriott Ballroom.

Rankin and Tori

On this evening, the band was joined by a handful of talented guests including relative newcomer Shay Pitts, the always entertaining Shanii22, the scintillating blues-rock duo of Campbell and Johnston, and the ever-ubiquitous Dave Sampson. Rankin continues to put together these shows that bridge traditional Nova Scotia music and propel it forward with the verve and energy of modern music. There is an unmistakable joy in the room when Rankin MacInnis and The Broken Reeds are on stage. If you have the opportunity to catch the band live, run and don’t walk, you can thank me later.


ECMA Kitchen Party Kickoff

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