Show Shots // Matt Andersen w/ The Trashy Pandas @ Bearly’s – 08.12.22

Towards the tail end of 2022, one of those rare one-in-a-million shows was announced. Matt Andersen was playing a Halifax show, but not at one of those large auditoriums, or a mid-sized room; instead, he was coming back to town to play Bearly’s House of Blues & Ribs. For those unfamiliar, it’s a comfortable room for a handful of folks, but add in a couple hundred extra bodies and it becomes very cozy, very quick. On this damp December night,  the room was certainly nearing max capacity with a group of folks who were lucky (and quick enough) to scoop up the limited ticket count.

Matt took to the stage alongside his pals in the Trashy Pandas and played to an overjoyed crowd, who were more than happy enough to listen to the NB-based bluesman ply his craft in such an intimate setting. It didn’t stop him or hold him back, as it was all left on the stage over two sets. The love for Andersen in these parts is no secret, as his Big Bottle of Joy tour has sold out three of four nights at the Lighthouse Arts Centre later in 2023, so to be able to see him in a room such as Bearly’s is a special occasion.

I was lucky enough to snag a ticket and brought along my camera to document the event. Below you will find a collection of shots I captured that evening.

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